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"To err is human; to find the errors requires a tester."

Does it WORK?

"Testers don't like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work." ~ Kaner, Bach, Pettichord


In God we trust, and for everything else we test.

Certified Testers with Tezza at Lagos

Training at Lagos ,Nigeria

On going Training Seminar

 Training for Tanzania Revenue Authority 

what others are saying

"This was a timely course for me in order to improve my organizational skills in product testing. The best thing will be to keep communicating with us as a means of follow up as well as for us to get further assistance during time of need. Thank you very much for this course. Please organize for more sessions so that other people can benefit the same way as i did"
Joyce Litu, IT Specialist - World Council of Credit Unions

"This course has come at the right time!"
Dinah Osoro, IS Support Analyst - National Bank of Kenya

"The course is an eye opener when it comes to showing what we are doing wrong in our organization today in regards to testing. Some things we do that we should improve on and it was helpful in showing/providingrnus with an overview of what we should do going forward"
Michael Kinyua, Software Developer - Virtual City

"Mr. Roland, you're the chief! Thanks for initiating this noble course in Kenya. Please nurture it to maturity as it's needed since software procurement process is usually a rip-off ceremony in Kenya. God bless you!"
Andrew Chege, Senior Assistant Commissioner - ICT- Kenya Revenue Authority

"You have to attend this course if you are looking to have any competitive advantage in your softwarerndevelopment company"
Susan Nyagah, DBA/Application Developer - Kencall EPZ

"Software testing is the best thing after sliced bread :) "
Daniel Ndeti, Lead Software Architect - Virtual City

"This was a brilliant course. The knowledge gained is eye opening and if implemented will change your career and business for the better forever"
Conrad Akunga, Production Manager - Virtual City

"I have learnt that testing is a process that has strategic value to the organization. This course has provided a solid foundation for the quality & testing function in our organization"
Chris Sang, Chief Operating Officer - Virtual City

"Thank you Roland & AITEC. Grace & Anne. This has been a wonderful eye opener & will definitely take to reading to be certified!"
Raymond Chepkonga, ICT Business Analyst - Kenya Airports Authority

"Keep up the good work of sharing information & experiences on good methodologies of SQA & testing"
Dominic Mulwa, Senior Manager Technology - Diamond Trust Bank

"Very practical course and a must for Quality Assurance to be assured in any project"
Peter Migwi Kamoche, Quality Assurance & Research & Development Manager - Fintech Kenya

"Very good course, well delivered. I came out with valuable stuff"
Alloys Siaya, ICT Services Development Manager - Kenya Airports Authority

"The course met my expectations and I would recommend this course to IT and business decision makers."
Nixon Amuomo, Snr Business Systems Quality Support Analyst - Safaricom Ltd.

"The instructor was clear and to the point"
Catherine Wangai, System Developer - KTDA

"The training was such an eye opener whose effects shall be felt in our organization and beyond"
Martin Mwarangu, ICT Services Coordinator - KTDA

"It is an enlighting training, which focuses on the things we do in our work places that would be done betterrnif the process is formalized"
Kanga Mwiti, CRM Analyst - Safaricom Ltd


"Tezza Business Solutions gave me a ground-breaking dive into professional testing. I am able to better test inhouse and vendor-supplied systems with great confidence. I would recommend them to anyone who wantsrnto manage the risk of incidences as a result of deploying to production before testing"
Jimmy James Mwang'ondi, Database Administrator - Safaricom Ltd

"This is a critical function that has perhaps not been treated as such. Thanks for highlighting this and forrnenabling us appreciate testing as a critical component of solutions development"
Vincent Sidede, Customer Systems Support Analyst - Safaricom Ltd

"This is a must-have training for everyone in the information technology industry"
Felix Mwiti Mugambi, Web Developer - KTDA

"Think big, start small⦠Iron sharpens iron. When it's in your mind, it's in your hands; I believe this is whatrnI want and more. Tezza is all about this"
Anthea Muthusi, IT Project Manager - Zain Kenya


"I have appreciated the course content. It has beefed up my knowledge in software testing. I will be in a position to clearly formalize all software tests in every project that am involved in"
Gideon Ndogo, Senior Billing Engineer - Safaricom Ltd

"Excellent course & training you should'nt miss out on"
Julius Nguna, Billing Engineer - Safaricom Ltd

Software bugs, or errors, are so prevalent and so detrimental that they cost the U.S. economy an estimated $59.5 billion annually, or about 0.6 percent of the gross domestic product, this is according to a 2002 study commissioned by the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). At the national level, over half of the costs are borne by software users and the remainder by software developers/vendors. The same study goes on to say that although all errors cannot be removed, more than a third of these costs, or an estimated $22.2 billion, could be eliminated by an improved testing infrastructure that enables earlier and more effective identification and removal of software defects. These are the savings associated with finding an increased percentage (but not 100 percent) of errors closer to the development stages in which they are introduced. Currently, over half of all errors are not found until "downstream" in the development process or during post-sale software use.
How important then is Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing to your organization?  
  1. Is it important to your organization that you maintain your good reputation?
  2. Is it important that your customers are happy with your software products? 
  3. Does it matter to you that you are getting the worth for your money when you acquire new software?
  4. Do you know if you are building what your customers want?
  5. Are you going to purchase and use a Commercial Off-The-Shelf application this year?
  6. Do you know how much money you could have saved if you had thoroughly tested the last application you acquired?
  7. Is it important that you are able to build or implement your applications in a more economical, cost effective manner?
  8. Do you have an independent group/individual that is dedicated to testing your software application
These are vital questions every organization should be able to answer.  If you can't answer them comfortably, we would recommend that you make plans to send some of your IT staff to attend our upcoming Software Quality Assurance and Testing Boot Camp.